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Create an Epic & Priceless Moment - #iseeyoumoment

Create an Epic & Priceless Moment - #iseeyoumoment

May is Teacher Appreciation Month.

Last week we shared with y’all the amazingly moving and impactful #iseeyoumoment of recognition for teacher, Mrs. Shannon Johnson.

Recognizing our teachers is a simple act that goes a long way. Our teachers are our country’s greatest resources and they deserve to be reminded of this year-round!

Before the I See You Moment™ with 4th grade teacher, Shannon Johnson, we had never seen someone use the I See You® Candle in a lantern before.

BUT, we had to know how Andrea came up with this beautiful gesture.

That got us thinking!

Y’all would probably want to know, too, what she did and how simple it was to create such a memorable moment.

We asked classroom mom, Andrea Vermillion, why she wanted to celebrate Mrs. Johnson with an I See You Moment and a wish, she shared:

 “Because she’s incredible. My son had gone through a hard year before he got into Mrs. Johnson’s class, but what I’ve noticed is that she truly sees her students, including my son, and doesn’t just support their education, but also supports them emotionally and socially.”


The I See You Moment™ she created for Mrs. Johnson, included letters from all of her students! All 32 of them!

Andrea shared that as a classroom mom, the parents are usually in charge of coming up with the money and creating the gift for their teacher, but this time she wanted it to be different by getting the kids involved.

She shared, “It was important for the children to be able to share why they appreciate her.”

For less than $20 she created an experience that truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

 Andrea purchased a lantern to hold the I See You® Candle, emailed the parents requesting each child write an “I See You” letter and choose an act of service they could do for Mrs. Johnson.

 Andrea completed everything for this I See You Moment™ in just 2-weeks.

She set the I See You® Candle on a stand and lit with the included matches for Mrs. Johnson moment of recognition with a wish, because as we all know, Wishes Aren’t Just for Birthdays™! 

What was amazing about this simple gift, is that the students were excited to be a part of it.

The class of 4th graders shared with Andrea how much fun making their “I See You” Notes to place in the lantern.

What’s even more amazing, is that long after this meaningful I See You Moment™, with a wish, Mrs. Johnson is able to go back to her lantern, take out a note whenever she wants and read how these children see her and impact them through her teaching.

Then, on the other side of the card, Mrs. Johnson reads what act of service the child is willing to do and they complete it on that day. From taking out the trash to cleaning off their desks, they children chose things they knew would help Mrs. Johnson!

We asked Andrea for any recommendation for someone thinking about recognizing a teacher and creating an I See You Moment™.

She shared,

“Actions speak louder than money….between the I See You® Candle, paper and lantern the gift cost less than $20. We all give teachers chocolates, Starbucks, BUT the experience of a heart felt gift can last longer and have a continued reminder of the impact their making, which is priceless.”

There are countless ways to use an I See You® Candle to celebrate and recognize someone with a wish. It is through this memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

When we interviewed Mrs. Johnson about her I See You Moment™ one of the things she shared was,

“I hope each teacher can experience this at one point in their career. It really means a lot.”

So, whether its holding an I See You® Candle on it’s own, placing it in a lantern or on a card, YOU can get as creative as you want when it comes to celebrating someone with a wish, because Candles Aren’t Just for Cake Anymore™!

Thank you, Andrea Vermillion, for being so creative and intentional with this wonderful gift for Mrs. Johnson.

We SEE You and the gift this experience also gave the children.

You can get your I See You® Candles here!

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