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Have you heard about Pizza and Candles?

Have you heard about Pizza and Candles?

Did you know that when you google pizza and candles, you’ll find pizza scented candle at Target and amazon to eBay? And if you continue down the list you’ll even find the Roman Candle Pizzeria in Wisconsin.

We figured we’d save ya some time by telling you what’s out there.

I don’t know about you, but when I smell pizza, wherever I’m at, my stomach will growl. Whether it’s a pizza with toppings I like or not, the scent of pizza does something to me. But pizza scented candles? I don’t know if I could get on board with that.

But I may be somewhat of candle scent traditionalist. But what if what if your favorite thing, as a pizza lover, is the actual pizza itself? Eating pizza!!!!!

The toppings! The sauce! The cheese!!! I’m personally a thin crust, pepperoni and pineapple kind of girl. Oh, and make that light sauce! Yup, I’m not a fan of saucy pizzas. I know that’s crazy for some to imagine!

So, for all of us pizza lovers out there, lets get real honest for a second.

How often do you get a pizza when you’re celebrating something?

Ever have a pizza to celebrate your birthday?

When it comes to pizza, some of us can settle for a frozen pizza when we are in a bind, a few us just love a certain frozen pizzas brand. Then there are those of us who love the experience of eating pizza out at our favorite pizzeria.

Whether it’s the pizza itself, the vibe, the owners, the quality ingredients, the crust, the combination of pizza and beer together, we all have our reasons for why we choose the pizza spots we do.

No matter your motivation to eat pizza, until now, celebrating at your favorite pizza joint or the traditional pizza party never has included a candle (with, of course, a wish) and pizza.

If you grew up going to pizza parties like I did, you know there were always the added sweet treats with cupcakes or a cake, so we could make a wish on our birthday. Right?!!?

I’m sure some people have done it, but you really never see people having a pizza party with special occasion candles in their pizza. 

As a company that believes everyone deserves to be celebrated, no one should EVER miss out on a birthday wish just because of the food they choose, due to the food they can or cannot eat.

Especially, if you are sacrificing a birthday wish for pizza! We say, have your pizza AND a wish when celebrating your birthday!!

The I See You® Candle is the first ever candle gift topper that allows you to celebrate someone with a wish because Candles Aren’t Just for Cake Anymore!

Candles are for pizza now, too!!!

The first pizza spot to get the idea that people could celebrate their birthday with their pizza and a wish with an I See You® Candle was Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria in north Nashville, TN. 

bow and candle pizza
Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria is a place with a vibe that is on point. They have the best artisan pizza I have EVER eaten with undeniably quality ingredients. Though their artisan pizza is in a class unto itself and the Hip-Hop and R&B music played is the soundtrack to my childhood, Slim & Husky’s should be most known for making a positive impact in the community. 

In a USA Today video interview, the guys shared that “it’s a good feeling when you see people working, that look like you, that’s from the community that your from and that may or may not have been given an opportunity anywhere else.”

Whether its speaking to the youth in Nashville, creating a reading program that partners with local schools or donating to countless programs, Slim & Husky’s far exceeds your average pizza lovers experience!

Slim and Husky I See You Candle

I had the pleasure of meeting Clint, one of the three owners of Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria just after they opened their first location. I so connected to his vision for his company, the desire to create opportunities throughout this community and the heart behind their new venture.

When I shared the story behind the I See You® Candle and how it could be used on their pizzas, Clint told me when I got the product going, to come back and talk!

So, I went back nearly 6 months later to talk and Clint shared how they love birthdays and wanted a way to celebrate their customers with their Slim & Husky’s pizza.

What better way to celebrate your customers than with your product and an I See You® Candle?

Fast forward several months later to July 28th, 2018. While meeting a friend at Slim and Husky’s to catch up over our favorite artisan pizzas, I was present for 2 separate groups celebrating birthdays.

I saw the birthday crowd, but didn’t know if the I See You® Candle would be used because they were busier than any other restaurant you have ever seen (side note-they are ALWAYS busy because their food is SOOO good!).

My friend says, “Oh my gosh, they are using your candle! LOOK!” Not only did they bring the whole pizzeria together to celebrate this woman with a birthday wish, there was an audible “awwwwwww” when the manager said, “We have a birthday wish with your pizza!” Now that’s customer service!!!!

pizza and candle, bow and candle

Sometimes you never know what it looks like to see your dreams come true until it actually happens.

To be sitting with a friend and see a birthday moment created for someone who doesn’t know The I See You Company or the I See You® Candle, be witness her joy and the community Slim & Husky’s instantly created with a group of strangers by getting everyone’s attention to celebrate her with a wish was a moment I will never forget.

It was that goose bump kind of moment you dream about when you launch a new product and hope others will connect and find joy to it the way you do.

It’s about Seeing people. Recognizing people. Creating opportunities for people. Even though something as simple as a Pizzeria!!! This is what it’s all about, pizza and candles. Pizza and I See You® Candles to be exact!

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