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Have you heard of Snail Mail? It's WAY beyond what you think.

Have you heard of Snail Mail? It's WAY beyond what you think.

It’s Wednesday again and you know what time is! It’s #WCW. Yes, that’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

Today’s I See You® blog features the generously compassionate Carrie Cheatham, owner of Snail Mail, LLC.  

So on #WCW you can expect to have some real, honest I See You Moments! I See You® Candle and wishes to follow!

As things often go nowadays, we connected with Carrie through social media and quickly fell in love with her hand painted greeting cards.

When I publicly shared about my breast cancer diagnosis, Carrie was one of the first to reach our for my address and sent the most beautiful card that was full of so much love and humor!

As I learned a little bit more about Carrie and Snail Mail, we knew we had to share her story with y’all.

Aside from beautiful cards and witty humor, Snail Mail gives 15% of their sales to support 5 non-profit organizations throughout Virginia. Since her launch they have donated over $2,000 total to these non-profits and they have made over 10,000 cards...all by hand.

When we learned about this our jaws dropped.

This is what The I See You Company is all about. Everyone deserves to feel seen and be recognized.

To find this is another company, and in a person who truly pours her heart and soul into her creation, we knew y’all had to meet this amazing woman and company in Virginia.

We’re just scratching the surface on this generous entrepreneur, but here’s a little more about Carrie in her own words!

What or who inspired you to create your business? Tell us more about your business.

Creating has always been in my nature - whether it was school crafts or coming up with something at home, I was always gluing and coloring something. During February of 2017, when the Travel Ban was instilled, I felt really raw emotions around how we treat folks around us. Simply, how do we treat our neighbors? What precedent did this set for how to love our neighbors?

Out of all that came our greeting cards, because they can be given as a welcome gesture, as a birthday gesture, thank you gesture, or simply "just because" - it's a simple gesture that speaks loudly that our neighbors are thought of and acknowledged. 99% of my time is making and creating cards! This has been my first full year as a full-time entrepreneur!

Doesn't this make you want to get an I See You® Candle and put it on one of her amazing cards?

Who saw you and supported your dreams?

My husband Andrew first and foremost. He encouraged me to turn my anger and frustration into action - to take something and use it for good. My friends have also been incredibly supportive - always buying cards for birthdays and holidays. These folks the BEST! And finally my family: They've supported not only this as a side hustle but have also supported a leap of faith, leaving a full-time job with substantial benefits to pursue something that I feel called to do - a community I feel called to advocate for!

What song heals your soul?

I've got so many songs that I could put, but honestly the song "Say Something" by Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton OR the song "Everyday" by Dave Matthews Band

“Say Something” because it speaks volumes to me that actions oftentimes speak louder than words - reminds me to just simply smiling at someone on the street or next to you on a city bus. “Everyday” because he reiterates that all we need is love! Everyone wants to feel loved and to feel important and that just gets me every time!

What does it mean to YOU to feel seen?

It means that people are not only noticing WHAT I do, but also WHY I do it and WHY it's an important mission. The cards we create are just a small part of the bigger picture and when people see our why and support us because of that bigger mission of giving back to our refugee & migrant neighbors...that's what it means to feel seen.

What’s your go-to, self-care tip?

Ohhh boy! GO OUTSIDE! I often get so tied up inside in my studio sitting down and creating that I forget to take in the fresh air. Often times I will move my office outside and paint, or draw, or even answer emails. It makes the world of difference. And on rainy days when outside isn't an option - open the windows :)

Growing up, did you participate in any organized sports, clubs and/or volunteer programs?  How do you think these activities helped shape you as a person?

I danced (mostly ballet) for 12 years up until high school, then I took a 180 and went into Field Hockey! I actually played field hockey both in high school, as well as at the collegiate level. Both ballet and Field Hockey, throughout my lifetime, taught me that things do not come easily - you've got to work your ass off to better yourself. This, I believe, helped me become a self-starter. I wasn't going to get any better or any faster if I didn't work outside of practice. Self-discipline to keep going (no matter how many times you make a mistake or get knocked down.)

What advice would you give your younger self?

Just keep going. Life is not going to pan out how you imagined in many ways, but it is going to pan out just as it should. Trust your heart and follow it, because it will lead you in some pretty incredible directions!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone thinking about starting their own company?

Know your WHY. If you are passionate about what you do and why you do it, then people who you meet and people who are your clients will feel that passion and will not only love your business, but the person you are behind the product. And don't be afraid to love what you do - you are WORTH IT. Often times makers/side hustlers discredit themselves, but your time and your creativity is worth it. Believe in yourself 😊

Carrie, WE SEE YOU!! We honor your heart and soul for taking your frustrations and not just turning it into a company but turning it in a way to give back with direct impact!

We appreciate your ability to tap into your creative talents and use it to bring compassion and humor through your greeting cards. We celebrate the amazing gift that you are to your community and this world!

There is no denying the sincerity and compassion behind Carrie and her company, Snail Mail.  

Are you inspired to try an I See You® Candle on one of her cards? We are! Stay tuned to see what we create.

Carrie is using her platform to speak out against injustice and for acceptance and inclusion, which is something WE ALL DESERVE!

We hope you join us in celebrating this amazing soul! And purchase her one of a kind greeting cards!

Check out her website at to learn more about her company. Don’t forget to show her some support by following her on Instagram and Facebook.

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