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To All Medical Providers and Practitioners: Thank You and I See You!

To All Medical Providers and Practitioners: Thank You and I See You!

Last Thursday I received 4 phone calls from my medical team getting everything ready for surgery.  Last Friday I received 4 more phones calls regarding my  bilateral mastectomy.

Calls from one of my favorite medical assistants, from the billing department, a nurse navigator and a post op garment company.

Monday, I had an appointment with my Nurse Practitioner at the OBGYN office and 3 more calls from doctors’ offices. Tuesday I was at my pre-op admission appointments from 8am to 1:30pm.

I met with admissions, gave blood work, took an xray, met with the most thorough nurse navigator, all to walk through understanding my cancer, surgical plan and the post-surgery recovery process.

I had another pre-op appointment on Wednesday and three more phone calls in the afternoon.

As I sit here feeling drained and glad to have a break from the phone calls and appointments, I’m counting my blessing to have everyone of those calls and meetings.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, right? Well, it also takes a team to beat cancer. Whether its stage 0 or stage 4 cancer, it takes a team!

Every single one of these professionals, from the nurses, to the administrators, to the techs, doctors and billing department, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has provided solutions, advocacy and compassion with the best sense of humor when discussing my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.

This got me thinking. However challenging and emotional it is for me and my family to be going through this, can you imagine what it’s like to have a job “fighting cancer?”

Ashley Beckham

Their J-O-B is to help others in some of the worst circumstances.

Their J-O-B is to deal with heavy, weighted and emotional trials on a daily basis.

And I’m guessing many of you take you J-O-B home with you.

Am I right?

The J-O-B and cancer are alike in this way, they don’t know a 9-5, M-F schedule and still are present nights, weekends and holidays! Am I close?

Whether it’s cancer or any other industry that puts you as the employee, the boss and every position in between in the role of managing challenging and difficult circumstances, I want to say Thank you.

I know your days are not always easy. I know you probably feel drained at the end of your days.

BUT THANK YOU for all you who give to those of us needing your help!

To my growing medical team: because of the job you hold, you have made my life easier. EACH of you have SEEN ME! So I wanted to say, THANK YOU. I SEE YOU! I do not take your role in my recovery lightly.

Lisa (NP), Dr. Ballinger, Paula, Nurse Navigator Laura, Katie, Marci, Dr. Sava, Dr. Unger, Kandice, Lisa, Ashley, Karen, Tracy, Jackie, Carla, Dr. Tepper, Centennial Breast Center techs, Dr. Denise Yardley, Patricia (NP), Erin, St. Thomas Midtown Admissions, Darlene, Angela, Liz, Gilda’s Club-Nashville ………And I’m sure more, amazing advocates and warriors to come………..


Ashley Beckham

Thank you for giving of yourselves so selflessly. Thank you for treating me as a person and not a number. Thank you for allowing me to ask a million questions and not rush me.

Ashley Beckham

Thank you for laughing at my awkward jokes. Thank you for showing up every day and making me feel like my case is the most important thing you are working on!

I’m sure many of you find purpose and meaning in what you do, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard.

For those of us who benefit from your roles, drive and passion, THANK YOU! We are successful in part because you are part of our team.

I eat, sleep, breathe and speak daily about The I See You Company and the goals behind the I See You® Candle.

Whether it was during my biopsy, while my boob was being smashed in a mammogram or following my breast surgeon eval, I love spreading the mission behind I See You® Candle.

Our product is the perfect way to celebrate someone with a wish because Wishes Aren’t Just for Birthdays.

And on Tuesday October 2nd, Katie & Marci at St. Thomas-West Center for Breast Health flipped the script on me. As we were wrapping up my pre-op appointment, they surprised me with an I See You® Candle, to celebrate ME with a wish.

They wanted to tell me “I SEE YOU” and that they knew I was going to do great kicking cancers butt! I received an unexpected "I See You Moment" the other day at the doctors office. You can check it out on our social media feed. 

This is a reminder that our caretakers, medical providers and personnel deserve THANK YOUs and to be SEEN!

Take the time to create an I See You Moment and celebrate someone with a wish, as I plan to do for each and every one of them!

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