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From Hobby to Business - Tiffany's Story

From Hobby to Business - Tiffany's Story

It’s Wednesday again and you know what time is! It’s #WCW. Yes, that’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

It’s about time we paused from the busy hustle called life, to shine a spotlight on all the amazing things women are doing, creating and building in this world!

So on #WCW you can expect to have some real, honest I See You Moments! I See You® Candle and wishes to follow!

Today’s I See You® blog features the multi-talented Tiffany Perkins of Nashville, Tennessee.

We had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany through Instagram but did not realize that she was the founder and creator of the many platforms we are already fans of. A few DMs back and forth led to an amazing phone call about her upcoming event, Black Women in Creative Spaces.

As we discussed the details of this event, I knew we needed to know more about Tiffany when she said she wanted to create an event that represented women like her.

She candidly shared that she’s gone to many workshops and panels, but often black women were rarely present or represented in these forums.

After reflecting about this she decided to create the Black Women in Creative Spaces event that will be held in Nashville on March 2, 2019.

Say What? Yes! Yes, you read that right! This amazing woman went out and created AN EVENT herself!

Mind you, she didn’t just create any event. She has created a day with multiple panels featuring 15 inspiring women with diverse experiences in creative spaces, while making the time for breakout activities, shopping and networking!!!!

Tiffany Perkins


We believe equal representation is crucial. EVERYONE MUST have a seat at the table.

What Tiffany is doing, is not only pulling up a chair to the proverbial table, she’s building the table and the room for everyone to participate in.

We say YES GIRL! And then we ask How Can We Help?

That’s easy! For those of us in Nashville, we can all help by attending her Black Women in Creative Spaces event and seizing the opportunity to learn from what these 15 amazing women have to share from their varying experiences, industries and expertise.

Through Tiffany’s blogging experience she has been able to create a platform and a following that trusts her expertise and values her candor. She is a feminist. She is a Womanist. She is a truth speaker!

These are just a few of the many reasons we are so excited for this week’s #WCW I See You® blog. Enjoy learning a little bit more about Tiffany.  

Tiffany Perkins

What or who inspired you to create your blog and side hustles? Tell us more!

I have a few side hustles, all of which I’d say have all been inspired by creative desires and entrepreneurship as a whole. When I feel myself in need of things, I like to create them. I blog with a good friend of mine at That is where I’m my truest self in digital form.

Not being in the same city as Co anymore led me to seek a blogging community. When I wasn’t finding what I needed, I created the Nashville Blogging Collective. I’ve tried to use that as a resource for bloggers who are looking to grow and create longevity in the industry.

You can throw a rock (in Nashville) and find blogger events and parties, so I try to focus on education and hosting events with a clear focus.

When I’m not blogging I’m creating things or events. Grandma’s Charm is my craft and event decor business. Crafting and art have always been “coping skills” for me, so transitioning them from hobby to business has been a blessing.

Who saw you and supported your dreams?

So hands down my Nana has always seen me. She supports me like no other person in this world, and always reminds me to see myself. I also have a super amazing tribe including my family and my best friends Amber, Deven, Sharese, and Joy.

What song heals your soul?

Ultralight Beam- Kanye West ft. Chance the Rapper, Kelly Price, and Kirk Franklin

What does it mean to YOU to feel seen?

To me, it means to see my soul and understand my heart. I’m very prideful and sometimes that can get in the way of me letting my guard down and letting people in. So, when people actually see me it means a lot, because I know they’ve had to do a little work.


What’s your go-to, self-care tip?

Have a hobby. Life can get tough and be fast paced. Having a hobby is “me time”. I think it’s so important to carve out time regularly to do things that you enjoy simple for the sake of doing them.

We get caught up in monetary value a lot and that can take the fun out of so many things. Hobbies are things you do because they make your heart happy.

Growing up, did you play an instrument and/or did you participate in any organized sports, clubs or volunteer programs?  How do you think these activities helped shape you as a person?

Growing up I did everything. I played basketball from elementary to middle school and my freshman year of high school. The rest of high school I played varsity tennis. I was in the yearbook club and my senior year was yearbook editor.

I've always volunteered and was in 4-H. I was the president of my class in high school. My parents put me in this weekly program where I learned French and the Pythagorean theorem in the 3rd grade! In college I worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters as an event and media intern. I always found ways to come back home and do different volunteer work with programs at my high school. 

I appreciate my parents for giving me the space to live how I wanted and try things. I think this has helped shape me as a person by making me outgoing. It also keeps me moving. I’m always looking for new things to do and new ways to be excited.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Wow, so a few things. 1. Don’t let other people decide your value. 2. Don’t dim your light to accommodate other people. 3. Invest in people who bring out the good in you and let go of people who aren’t positive.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone thinking about starting their own company or side hustle?

Be intentional. Starting anything can be fun but knowing why you are doing it will help you find long term success and push through in days when it isn’t fun anymore.

Tiffany, we SEE you! We see your heart and desire to use your voice and talents to positively impact our community. You are a builder, a creator. We celebrate you and all that you’re manifesting.

You can help Tiffany by supporting her platforms and spreading her message.

For more information about tickets to her upcoming event, Black Women in Creative Spaces, check out it’s BWICS Instagram  and website.

Don’t forget to show her some support by following her on her Grandma’s Charm page, Nashville Bloggers Instagram, and her personal Instagram page.

You can find more details about this amazing woman and her many talents on her website at and her Nashville Bloggers Collective site.

We hope people like Tiffany inspire you and motivate you to create more and more #iseeyoumoments with the I See You® Candle!


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