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Are you a Superhero? We know one!

Are you a Superhero? We know one!

Have you ever thought what it would feel like to be known as the “stinky” kid?

Do you know what severe poverty tastes like? What would your life look like growing up, having a front-row seat to domestic violence and substance abuse?

What would you become if your life was full of neglect and you became a fighter, an isolator, the angry secret holder?

Who would you become, if in spite of all of the trauma, someone helped you because they saw you? Jarred Vermillion knows.

Jarred is not a victim. Jarred is not a statistic. Jarred is a real-life Superhero! Now Jarred would not refer to himself in this way, but in his TEDx presentation in Temecula, CA called Have you Found Your Superhero Power?, he reminded us that everyday Superheroes are among us.

For Jarred, he believes in Superheroes because they saved his life! Whether it was his band director, grandparents and aunts, school principal, a friend’s family or a sweet young classmate, every single one of these people saw Jarred for who he could become. They saw Jarred beyond the trauma and negative events.

But what Jarred doesn’t tell you, is that he became a Superhero along the way. He learned from the kindness AND neglect of others.

Ultimately, it was the generosity and compassion of others that taught Jarred to trust, to be vulnerable. They taught Jarred what it means to be a Superhero.

In his Tedx Talk he shared:  

“It takes a Superhero to look past behavior and see the needs that are driving it. Because behind all behavior, positive or negative, there is a need driving it. It takes a Superhero to grab ahold of those people that are in need and to never let them go, no matter how hard they push on you. It takes a Superhero to dig deep, beyond yourself, for the interest of others. Superheroes heal Superheroes!”

In a world where we all are in such a hurry, rushing from point a to b, we don’t always pay attention to the details. We have become a society engulfed in our cell phones and social media. We must make the point to stop, pause and SEE those around us.

There are so many of us who are willing to go the extra mile. There are so many of YOU who will not hesitate to lend a helping hand and speak kind words. Sounds like a Superhero to me!

There are those of you who are looking to feel seen, then someone surprises you and says, “I SEE YOU!” Sounds like a Superhero to me! Superheroes heal Superheroes!!!!!

Using his experiences, Jarred chose to make it his life’s purpose to wrap around vulnerable youth every day with the resources he received and more. Sounds like a Superhero to me!

There are those of you who do so much for others, behind the curtain, without the accolades or acknowledgment. Sounds like a Superhero to me!

Jarred has made it his mission to see and help those who feel threatened and alone. Sounds like a Superhero to me!

Jarred is softball coach, a father, a philanthropist, a husband. Jarred is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and a Child Welfare industry leader! Sounds like a Superhero to me!

Jarred knows he was healed by everyday people like anyone of you because Superheroes heal Superheroes. Sounds like something only a Superhero would know, if you ask me!

Jarred Vermillion, WE SEE YOU! Your ability to choose to be vulnerable in order to lift others up is a gift to us all.

Jarred, YOU are creating a path for everyday people to know they can make a difference by simply seeing those around them and those in need.

YOU are showing people they can be the blessing to someone, just as you received from others!

Jarred, YOU are lighting the path for everyday Superheroes. YOU sound like a Superhero to me!

Jarred and our I See You® Candle share the same mission; to make sure everyone feels seen and recognized for who they are! When people use our candles to recognize someone, they create an opportunity for that person feel appreciated and celebrated! All people deserved to be SEEN and recognized, even for the smallest of gestures and acts of kindness. Sounds like Superheroes to me!

Join us in supporting, following and recognizing Jarred Vermillion! His message empowering everyday Superheroes deserves to spread like wildfire! For more information, visit

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