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Gift Bows & Birthday Candles - A Special Occasion Gift Idea for Everyone

Gift Bows & Birthday Candles - A Special Occasion Gift Idea for Everyone

Gift Bows & Birthday Candles

Do you love how pretty bows look on presents?

Don’t they just make a gift extra special? And who doesn’t love those stores that go out of their way to make your purchase memorable by wrapping your purchase with a beautiful bow?

Whether its tulle, ribbon or raffia, bows make those special moments prettier. When it comes to celebrating something with a gift, some of us have our go-to bows, others of us only use bows when wrapping our holiday gifts, but if you want to include a bow on a gift, you’re generally limited to a large bag of bows, buying ribbon and making your own or buying one big, fancy and sometimes even pricey bow.

I’ve always leaned towards the bag-o-bows, even though I only ever needed one. This bag-o-bows would stay in a plastic bin for nearly two years under my bed, but come each Christmas, my presents featured one of the three pretty bow colors from the bag. 

Now let’s talk candles. Any of you enjoy candles as much as I do?

Whether it's a birthday candle, candles around the house in a storm or a yummy scented candle, candles have an amazing way of creating a mood and being a part of a memory.

There are special occasion candles with and without scents, candles that sparkle, candles that are molded into different shapes and made from paraffin, soy and even beeswax. Just like bows, there are just as many options with candles.

But no matter how much we all love candles, we all know that if it’s your birthday, candles and a cake or cupcake type of pastry are all part of your birthday celebration.

I mean, what would a birthday be without a birthday wish?

But candles generally come in multi-packs. So, you have to choose, buy multiple packs or a couple big glittery number-shaped candles. Annoying right?

There’s no denying the popularity of bows and candles, but until now they’ve NEVER gone together. What if you could buy a cute gift and create an instant celebration with a bow and candle?

When we were dreaming up the idea of our future product, I See You® Candle, we agreed that it was amazing how something as simple as our father’s random act of kindness with a cup of tea could make someone feel appreciated.

But we knew that an experience like that could be so much more memorable if you could recognize someone with a wish!

Our dad said he would design a way to put a candle on top of a cup of coffee, but that it was up to my sister and I to turn it into a company! I remember him making it perfectly clear that he’d figure out a way to make it work, but that he’d probably add a bow to it somehow.

We told him that sounded like a great idea, but that it probably wouldn’t work because candles can only go in cakes or cupcakes and be used for birthdays!

our candle and bow product

Think about that. Really think about that for a second. Somewhere along the way, someone told us or showed us that candles go with birthdays, candles go in cakes, and wishes go with birthdays.

That’s part of how you celebrate birthdays, right? I believe that’s ONE WAY to celebrate birthdays with a wish, but what if you don’t like cake?

I don’t like cake and cupcakes are hit and miss for me. Does that mean I can’t have wish a on my birthday?

We say EVERYONE deserves to make a wish on their birthday and they should make that wish with any gift they want.

As our father tweaked his designs, we knew we had something when he finally designed our patent pending base, but what made it extra special was having it surrounded by a bow.

That made us start thinking, if we were celebrating someone’s birthday, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier if everything you needed to celebrate someone was all together?’

When we designed the I See You® Candle, we knew all of our lives would be made easier if you had a bow to go on a gift, a candle for a wish and matches to light the candle.

The I See You® Candle is the first ever candle gift topper that makes celebrating birthdays, with a wish, simple and easy. So next time it’s someone’s birthday, remember…….Candles Aren’t Just for Cake Anymore!

Interested in our special occasion candle? Get yours today (shipping is free!).

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