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The Founder of Love at Any Stage Gets Real

The Founder of Love at Any Stage Gets Real

Over the last year we have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women.

These women are going after their dreams and tapping into their passions to create blogs, brands, products and amazing companies.

We believe that everyone has a story to share and deserves to be celebrated for who they are.

So we’ve decided that this year, we will be featuring these amazing women on #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday's)!

It’s time that you get to know these phenomenal women a little better and what they are creating.

We know we are only scratching the surface, but it’s time we start shinning a spotlight on all the amazing things women are doing, creating and building in this world!

We are stronger when we lift each other up and support one another!

So we say that it’s time to have some real, honest I See You Moments! I See You wishes to follow!

We hope that you’ll learn about these amazing women, what they are creating, the stories behind them and support their hustle.

Sheena Steward

Our first blog feature is with the phenomenal Sheena Steward, who has created the Love at Any Stage blog. We had the pleasure of meeting Sheena through Instagram when she reached out to us while she was looking for people and companies to support her in creating a celebration and recognition of three amazing women.

How boss is that?

A DM message led to a coffee meeting that was divinely timed. I never could have guessed what I would learn about this amazing woman----she’s too amazing to not share her WHY before you learn more about her.

For 5 years and running, Sheena has used her birthday as a way to celebrate other women and give back. Sheena believes that any chance she can pay it forward and make others feel seen is her life’s purpose.

This last October 2018, Sheena invited people in Nashville to nominate women through her blog, who were deserving of a day of pampering, recognition and celebration.

Talk about the ultimate, I See You Moment!!!

Sheena created a full event that was dedicated to honoring three amazing nominees. The three women were given a new outfit, a photoshoot that included hair styling and makeup makeover with a party afterwards to celebrate them with the women who nominated them.

How Amazing is this? This was Sheena’s gift to strangers on Sheena’s very own Birthday! Sheena is not someone who would ever brag about what she did, so don’t mind us while we sing her praises!!!

Here’s a bit more about Sheena and what she is creating!

What or who inspired you to create your blog? Is this your main gig or side hustle?

This is my side hustle.  I was inspired by other women crushing their side hustles. I started the blog to showcase real black love. The ups, downs and in betweens.

Who saw you and supported this dream?

My husband 

Sheena Steward

What song heals your soul?

There's not just one music in general that heals my soul. No matter my mood there is always a song that makes the situation better or enhances my feelings of happiness.

What does it mean to YOU to feel seen?

I'm not really sure about that one because I don't really ever feel seen.

What’s your go-to, self-care tip?

Music - I'll jump in my car and ride around while listening to music.

Growing up, did you play an instrument and/or did you participate in any organized sports or clubs? How do you think these activities helped shape you as a person?

I played the Alto sax in middle school and high school. I also played basketball and softball. Sports helped with discipline and learning how to depend on your team.

What advice would you give your younger self?

As corny as it might sound I’ve learned that all my decisions lead me to where I am today and for whatever reason I'm where I'm supposed to be.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone thinking about starting their own blog and side hustle?

Don't over think it. Just get started.

Sheena Steward

YES!!! Sheena, WE SEE YOU! And we love you at EVERY stage!!

The truth is, her blog is transparent, honest, beautiful and peppered with the greatest sense of humor through life’s real moments.

Check out her website at to follow her weekly blog and show her some support by following her on Instagram and Facebook ! If you live in Nashville, Sheena will be featured as a guest speaker at the upcoming Black Women In Creative Spaces

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