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Top Drone Company in Nashville!

Top Drone Company in Nashville!

It’s Wednesday again and you know what time is! It’s #WCW. Yes, that’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

It’s time to shine a spotlight on all the amazing things women are doing, creating and building in this world!

So on #WCW you can expect to have some real, honest I See You Moments! I See You® Candle and wishes to follow!

Today’s I See You® blog features the kind Marticia Childs, owner of Air Drones Fly, LLC.  

This bright spirited woman is changing the drones’ space. Marticia and her husband launched Air Drones Fly, LLC in 2016 with the goal of taking the visual experience to new heights.

Did you know that it’s cheaper to use a drone than go up in a helicopter? Ummmm.

That got us thinking, how else could it be used?

At Air Drones Fly, LLC not only offer packages to capture your wedding and reception, they also work with festivals, realtors and contractors.

Are you surprised like we were to know they work with contractors?  YES!?

Apparently, contractors often use drones to survey project progress.  WOW, who knew?!

We love learning new things and Marticia is full of amazing insight!

I See You® CandleOur I See You® Candle was just the right touch to recognize her and create a lasting moment.

Please join us in celebrating Marticia and learning a little bit more about her.

What or who inspired you to create your business? Tell us more about your business.

My husband and I attended a business seminar 3 years ago which inspired us to start our own business. I was pregnant at the time with twin boys. By starting a business, I want to show our boys when you have aspirations, go after them and to never be afraid to follow your passion. Drones is a leading-edge technology, which makes taking aerial photos and videos more efficient and effective. Drones are cool technology. I have a background in technology and my husband has a background in electronics, so it was a great fit for our family business.

Who saw you and supported your dreams?

My husband and I saw each other, and we support each other.

Marticia Childs - The I See You Blog

What song heals your soul?

Hear My Call by Jill Scott. In this song, Jill Scott was in pain and cried out to God for healing. It makes me feel as though there is always someone around for you even in your weakest moments.

What does it mean to YOU to feel seen?

It means others see my value. When someone sees you, acknowledges you, and respects you, this is a true indicator of love and it brings happiness to everyone.

Marticia Childs and Her Husband - The I See You Blog

What’s your go-to, self-care tip?

Spending time alone to clear your mind and be at peace.

Growing up, did you play an instrument and/or participate in clubs?  How do you think these activities helped shape you as a person?

I was involved in acting, which has helped me to not be afraid to network and speak in public. Being able to market the business has been a challenge, however, I will continue to present myself and the business without fear due to my acting classes.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Do not listen to people with negativity and to always surround yourself with positive, forward-thinking individuals.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone thinking about starting their own company

Have patience. Success never happens overnight.

Marticia, WE SEE YOU!! We honor your desire to create a legacy and example for your boys. We celebrate your drive to push yourself, grow and make a lasting impact in this world through the lens of your work!

We hope you're inspired to create a special moment and put a smile on someone's face with our I See You® Candle.

Marticia is a kindhearted go-getter. She is changing the drones space and we cannot wait to see what’s in the future for she and her company. We hope you join us in celebrating this wonderfully kind and intelligent woman!

Check out her website at to learn more about her company, Air Drones Fly, LLC. Don’t forget to show her some support by following her on Instagram and Facebook.

Air Drones Fly - The I See You Blog

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