The I See You Company

Our Brand Story

The world is constantly moving us forward. But what is it that fuels us?

The answer is simple: motivation for something better! 

Everything we do is a moment. A brief period in time, measured only by the love we pour into life each day, we choose to live as our authentic selves. 

We are reframing celebrations by illuminating moments. From birthdays to courageous conversations, the moment is yours, and we see you.

Creating a world that rests on unity, compassion, and bravery starts by lighting a path towards celebrating the differences that make us who we are - and all it takes is a moment. A moment that brings forth motivation for something better.

With love and light, we see you.

Be the Change.

By creating a purpose-driven brand from the very start, we set off on a journey to be the change-makers and unifiers of people.

We show people it's alright to be vulnerable. But we all must try our best to recognize each other and celebrate even the simplest of milestones. In the end, we aim to bring more love to the world through powerful actions, kindness, and profound moments that celebrate people and their stories.

Join us.

We invite you to join us and be a part of an illuminating movement that is changing the way we see and celebrate others - and the way we are seen and recognized by others. When you buy an, I See You® Candle; you're creating space for extraordinary acts of courage, space for you and others to live authentically, celebrate, be brave, and have the compassion to bring about change. 

With love and light, I See You™ Candles - are 100% made in the U.S.A. with sustainable and recycled materials. 


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