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Founder's Story

We believe in a world that rests on unity, compassion, and bravery - we believe in a world that uplifts each other. Though life's experiences look different for each of us, there is one thing that binds all of us, and that is love. 

From extraordinary acts of courage to living your authentic truth, these are the human experiences or moments that deserve to be recognized, celebrated, and seen.

At our core lies compassion for giving back and helping others. The work we've done for non-profits, social services, and within the addiction industry ignited our love for humanity, but it is you, your story, and your journey that fuels us - that fuels I See You.

Our inspiration came from one day in 2015 when our father gave Solonda, a coworker, a cup of tea as a token of appreciation, saying, "I See You." He wanted to celebrate her with a candle, but there was no way to attach it to the to-go cup, so he gave her the tea and said, "I See You." 

She started crying and said, "no one sees me." This moment was the catalyst for the change I See You is making. Solonda's story is at the core of our "why" and this is how I See You was born.

Family-owned and family-operated, we are changing the way the world sees and recognizes everyone. Because merely existing isn't enough. Finding your purpose, living your passion, and leading with love is what we all strive for.

Beyond providing memorable and impactful experiences, we're doing something more. We initiate honest, genuine, and transparent discussions; we create space that unifies and celebrates our differences.

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