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Self-Care Moments

Your mental health & self-care has never been more important than it is right now!

Let's be honest, sometimes we all need that little pick me up or a chance to reflect on how far we've come!

Be your own moment maker.

Celebrate your courage, your bravery. 

Light an I See You® Candle for yourself, yes just for YOU!

Hold the I See You® Candle in your hands, light it, take a deep breath.

Take your time to reflect on your strength, courage, growth, resilience.

Then make YOUR wish for whatever it is that YOU need in that moment.

AND, because our I See You® Candle are slow burning (beeswax) candles, you can truly take your time. 

Want to take it to a new level? 

Write a letter to yourself!

Write a letter of recognition for how far you've come and set your intentions for the next chapter in your life!

Skies the limit to how you celebrate yourself!

We can always use a little hope and it starts with seeing & celebrating YOURSELF!

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