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Special Occasions

I See You® Candle is perfect to use, if you love creating memorable experiences.

Illuminate a moment, a milestone with an I See You® Candle!

We've made it easy!

No Cake or Cupcakes? 

You will NEVER have miss out on a chance to make any moment special EVER AGAIN.

Greeting Cards - I See You Company

Did you know that our I See You® Candle goes perfectly with greeting cards?  

I See You® Candle's specialty birthday size candle and patented bow base are the perfect size to help you reimagine celebrations. 

We invite you to join us and be a part of an illuminating movement that is changing the way we see and celebrate others - and the way we are seen and recognized by others.

Here are few more ideas of special occasions that could use an I See You® Candle to illuminate the celebration:

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