The I See You Company

The Movement!

It’s More Than a Product. It’s a Movement!

When we stop to take a moment to share our hearts, our time, our thoughts and our words with each, we connect and are able re-connect with one another.

When we make the time to say ‘I See You,’ something happens. Something happens internally when you feel seen, acknowledged and recognized.  

We call these I See You Moments. When someone creates a moment for another person in order to express their appreciation, respect and even love for the other, they choose goodness.

When you give good, good comes back to you. When you plant the seed of positivity it grows.

When you create an I See You Moment for someone else, you lift them up. You never know how a simple moment can change a person’s day or even the course of their life.

So, when we think about people using our I See You® Candles, we know they choose to celebrate in a different way.

Through these celebrations, wishes and moments, we know people will come together to create a community and movement! 

Join the I See You Movement and celebrate the people in your life—Wishes Aren’t Just for Birthdays Anymore! 

Co-Founders, I See You Company

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